Swami Vivekananda on Raja Yoga

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    Tue, August 4, 2009 - 10:08 PM
    There are many ways to meditate as stated in books and such, but i believe one needs a true Guru/master who has perfected the meditation techniques and is capable of empowering/initiating someone. I've met a Guru.....YOGA JNANA SITTHAR OM SRI RAJAYOGA GURU.

    His Divine Grace is A sitthar on earth right now who is helping common people like us by initiating/ empowering us.Sitthars are capable of doing absolutely anything. These beings are able to transform themselves into a mountain/ change into an atom/ materialise things from thin air/ walk on water etc - anything at all!

    His Divine Grace (HDG) Yoga Jnana Sitthar Om Sri Rajayoga Guru had an inherent thirst to realise God from a very young age. Over the early years HDG exhibited Divine Powers and special abilities obtained through various Divine experiences.

    Realising the necessity of a Guru to progress spiritually, HDG searched for a genuine Guru. But this was an arduous task as the gurus made use of HDG special abilities for their own benefit. In this way, the false gurus got fame and good name at the expense of our Guru.

    Being very disheartened, HDG started to pray steadfastly alone. Subsequently, this led to amazing meetings with true Gurus who passed on japas and mantras of God realisation to HDG.

    HDG Yoga Jnana Sitthar Om Sri Rajayoga spent over twenty seven years researching fully understanding the the secrets of Rajayoga. By japas, penances and prayers, our Guru obtained many Divine Visions. HDG wanted all people to obtain the benefits of Yogic Power, Initially, Now, as arranged by the disciples, HDG is empowering everyone with the Yoga Power. Now, our Guru, fondly known as Dato Seri Guruji, has more than a hundred thousand disciples from Malaysia and all over the world, who are living a healthy, successful and protected life

    His Divine Grace Yoga Jnana Sitthar Om Sri Rajayoga Guru exhibits true leadership by example, by virtue of being a highly attained spiritual master as well as being a scientist, having obtained a Philosophical Doctorate in Metaphysics and Parapsychology. His Divine Grace has also been acknowledged as the “Mahaguru of Malaysia” in the highly acclaimed book “Malaysia’s Who’s Who” (Year 2007 Volume 1 page 506). Hence, His Divine Grace is very successful in all aspects, be it spirituality, education, wealth or family life. His Divine Grace is a living example of how one can be successful simultaneously both in worldly and spiritual life using the Divine Power called Yogasakhti. His Divine Grace is indeed a great inspiration for all disciples to progress and become great achievers in life.

    Next Yoga Sakthi event is on the 23/08/2009 in Putrajaya International Convention Centre(MALAYSIA).For further info please call me at 60162664499 or mail me at

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      Tue, August 4, 2009 - 10:08 PM
      This basic form of energy is the life-sustaining force which keeps the universe and all its animate and inanimate objects "alive". Organic and inorganic cycles are also operating based on this subtle energy. One’s ability to acquire and penetrate the skill of accumulating pranic energy in one’s body rests totally in the hands of the Master who teaches it. As for RPT, the Divine Master, Yoga Jnana Sitthar Om Sri Rajayoga Guru has completely mastered this art and possesses the ability to transmit the skills of utilizing one’s own pranic energy, to disciples. This is only possible after the empowerment session, as he/she will be able to utilize this pranic energy to achieve success in both material and spiritual domains. These skills and abilities are achievable by anyone regardless of race, religion or nationality. The process of transmitting the skills and termed empowerment is made possible by the Divine Master’s complete mastery of the science of Rajayoga
      Pls visit and for additional info

      S Arvinthan
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        Tue, August 4, 2009 - 10:08 PM

        Those who are practising this yogic power have seen success in the following areas:

        • General well being
        • Complete self healing
        • Ability to heal others
        • Youthful appearance

        Self Development
        • Increased mental alertness
        • Increased creativity
        • Increased self confidence
        • Strong intuition
        • Ability to remove mental blocks and weaknesses
        • Increased efficiency and better time management

        • Family unity
        • Better communication with spouse and children

        • Increased career development
        • More career opportunities and advancement
        • Better inter-personal communication

        • Increased earning capacity
        • Financial freedom

        • Self realization and a sense of purpose in life by doing meditation

        Pls visit and for further details

        S Arvinthan
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    Mon, September 7, 2009 - 8:53 PM
    Hi, Vanakkam

    பொருள் இல்லாதவனுக்கு இவ்வுலகம் இல்லை, அருள் இல்லாதவனுக்கு அவ்வுலகம் இல்லை, இவ்விரு உலகிலும் எங்களை வழி நடத்தி செல்லும் எங்கள் தேய்விக சத்குரு யோகா ஜான சித்தர் ஓம்ஸ்ரீ ராஜயோக குருவின் பாத கமலங்களை போற்றி வணங்குகிறேன்

    If you want more information about HDG please visit this websites:-


    if you want more about guruji please e-mail at or call 012-3869412


    Kumaran 012-3869412

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