Cold hands

topic posted Tue, December 12, 2006 - 6:47 PM by  ~Nina~
When I meditate my hands get ice cold, from my fingertips to just above my elbows. It continues throughout the entire meditation and about 5 minutes afterward. Happen to anyone else? Any thoughts? Your insight is much appreciated!
With Love, Light & Gratitude-
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    Re: Cold hands

    Tue, December 12, 2006 - 6:49 PM
    Hi Nina.
    That sounds Strange.
    What type of room are you in when you meditate?
    What do you focus on when meditating?
    What kind of pose/posture do you take?
    Talk soon.
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      Tue, December 12, 2006 - 7:04 PM
      A dark room, one or three candles lit
      First I focus on white light surrounding me, then I see the world how I wish it to be, then I am quiet then I repeat "I am Love".
      Lotus position

      It happens no matter where I am meditating.
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        Re: Cold hands

        Tue, December 12, 2006 - 9:38 PM
        Nina, I have heard the shakti (energy) gets revved up
        by briskly rubbing the palms of your hand together for about a minute.
        Maybe this is an essential or mandatory need for you as you sound like
        your meditations are powerful enough to create such a strange physical sensation.
        Please try it and let me know what happens.
        Many blessings to you as always!
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          Wed, December 13, 2006 - 9:04 PM
          Ok, so I tried this out tonight, it was quite useful. I found the sensation still to be there, but not nearly as intense. It wasn't painful when I was done, which in my opinion is a plus! It was just a little chill instead of overwhelming cold.

          I also paid a little closer attention to when it starts. Before I see the world how I want it I visualize each of my breaths removing the negativity from the world, each time I take a breath in I see the negative leaving and each breath out, I see love filling the world. Each breath they get colder.
          Thanks! And may you be blessee also!
      • Re: Maybe you're just cold

        Tue, December 12, 2006 - 10:36 PM
        Nina, maybe you're just cold.

        If you're entering a more relaxed state and you're already a bit chilly, your fingers will be one of the first areas to become cold. If possible you might raise the temperature a few degrees. You could also wear some gloves. Something else would be to get a little exercise prior to starting your meditation - some stretches or even a brisk walk might be in order.
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          Wed, December 13, 2006 - 6:02 AM
          I live in a fairly cold environment, at least in the winter, so I often cover my front with a sleeping bag while meditating. It feels comfortable, and doesn't distract.
          • Re: Maybe you're just cold

            Wed, December 13, 2006 - 7:33 AM
            I thought maybe I was cold, but it always stops at the same spot just past past my elbows. It just always feels like I am wearing long gloves. I have tried covering up and it does not matter, it still happens. Even when I meditate outside in the summer, it happens. Thank you.
            Love & Light
      • Re: Cold hands

        Wed, December 13, 2006 - 7:48 AM
        I'm no expert, but perhaps it's a simple as a blood flow issue. And, you might have already thought of this, but perhaps a slight adjustment in your position would change things? Tilt your hands forward so thay they're resting at a lower level than your elbows - let the blood flow with gravity.
        • Re: Cold hands

          Wed, December 13, 2006 - 12:15 PM
          I was thinking the same thing. I have a nerve damage thing in my neck. When something is pinchy I can get pins and needles, nerve twitchy, and the cold thing. Adjusting your posture, or getting an adjustment (chiropractor) might do the trick.
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            Re: Cold hands

            Wed, December 13, 2006 - 2:15 PM
            Yeah these kinds of questions are tricky.
            Is the solution a physical one and all you need is some gloves and a sweatshirt?
            Or is this a good sign you are making great progress in meditation?
            I believe maybe it's a little both, wear gloves, get enlightened, then help us all.
            Much Love!
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              Wed, December 13, 2006 - 9:08 PM
              Hee hee hee...
              When I read this, I could see myself sitting there in snow pants, boots, gloves, a coat, scarf and hat. So bundled I couldn't move. Made me laugh, I needed that today. Thanks!
              Love & Blessings!
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                Re: Cold hands

                Wed, December 13, 2006 - 10:55 PM
                Sweet image.
                I know all will be well.
                No doubt you are blessed, and you bless.
                • Re: Cold hands

                  Thu, December 14, 2006 - 10:05 AM
                  Yes, I am so blessed, and I hope to do the second.
                  Thank you.
                  Much Love & Many Blessings to all of you
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                    Re: Cold hands

                    Thu, December 14, 2006 - 2:22 PM
                    wear gloves r wrap them in some wool
                    • Re: Cold hands

                      Thu, December 14, 2006 - 3:07 PM
                      I've got it!

                      Meditate in a hot tub.

                      Mmmmm hot tub. Can you tell my muscles are sore? hee hee hee
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                        Thu, December 14, 2006 - 4:22 PM
                        Now there is an inviting idea!
                        Though, I may fall asleep....
                        Oh well!:)
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                          Re: Cold hands

                          Tue, December 19, 2006 - 11:55 AM
                          Nina - do you keep your hands together or apart? Experience tells me this can make a difference. I keep my hands together (the left one crossed over the right, palms down). If anything, I have the opposite experience, even on chilly mornings (like this morning). Anyway, just curious, and if you do sit with your hands apart, you might try it with them together, just to see if there is a difference.
                          • Re: Cold hands

                            Tue, December 19, 2006 - 6:06 PM
                            It depends, if I am laying down, they are together, sitting, they are apart. It happens either way, together or not, bundled up or not.

                            Love & Light
                            • Re: Cold hands

                              Tue, January 2, 2007 - 3:24 PM

                              Sounds like you might have some form of bi stagnation to me. Bi in chinese means impediment. What is going on with you is fairly common. It takes meditation for you to experience this bi which in nature is an invasion of damp and cold into the micro-channels of the body. Why is it just below the elbows? It is that area where the stagnation is. Go and consult with a local acupuncturist. It might also help if your yang qi (core body temperature) is warmer since heat helps circulation.

                              It might go away on its own and it might not!
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                                Tue, January 2, 2007 - 5:51 PM
                                Actually, it is no longer to just above my elbows, it has been intensifying over the weeks. At this point my whole body shudders and gets very cold. At first rubbing my hands together as suggested by Andrew helped, then after a few days, it intensified and moved over all of me. Since most people thought I just needed to warm up, I tried looking things up myself, didn't find much.

                                I have done some asking my guides and such about it, and they told me it is because I am making alot of progress, and letting alot of things go, and I am working to uniting all aspects of my self, so I have let go of worrying about it. I have learned ways to deal with it, but at this point I am not worried about stopping it.

                                I would appreciate more info on what you are refering to though, if you can. Thanks

                                Love & Light
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                                  Re: Cold hands

                                  Tue, January 2, 2007 - 9:17 PM
                                  It's likely that you have trapped a nerve through incorrect posture. I'd recommend sitting with a group where there is a qualified teacher and get him or her to check your posture. I'd also shift from the white light to actual meditation, such as mindfulness of breathing, Dzogchen, Zazen and so on.
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                                    Wed, January 3, 2007 - 6:28 AM
                                    White light works for me, it relaxes me and connects me to the higher frequencies. Please know I tried many of these things before posting here on this tribe. I am not one to just ask for help without trying, in my opinion, logical things first. I have learned, I am my best teacher, just as everyone else is their own.

                                    I DO actually meditate, but the things in the beginning are my beginning exercises, when I feel I have focused on being love long enough, I focus on my breath and the peace within and around me for a while. Thanks

                                    Love & Light
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                                      Re: Cold hands

                                      Wed, January 3, 2007 - 10:46 AM
                                      Unfortunately we are not necessarily our own best teachers, particularly when it comes to meditation. We all have blind spots that by their nature we cannot see and so it is advisable to at least occassionally sit with a qualified teacher. Particularly when it comes to matters of posture, it's a good idea to have someone check that we are in fact sitting without constricting our breathing, impinging on nerves and so on, otherwise things such as the symptom you describe may go unnoticed and unaddressed. For example, when you do sit, be careful to sit on the forward third of your cushion or seat, that way there is less chance of trapping a nerve and one's center of gravity is located in the lower abdomen which centers us both physically and emotionally. This also has the effect of reducing tension and strain in the back, especially around the shoulders and allowing us to free more energy for use in meditation.
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    Tue, January 2, 2007 - 11:03 PM

    Namasteh Nina,

    The cold is the siva energy, the hot is the shakti energy. As the energies are becoming balances, it is the most ordinary part of the progression of raja yoga sort of meditation where the body gets super cold, literally ICE COLD and HARD LIKE A LOG. I have experienced this myself many times. It got to the point where my brain literally felt like it was freezing, especially the place between my eyebrowns (ajna chakra) felt like it was icing. I felt as the breath moving from inside my body came out, it made the room colder, literally waves of cold (not cool, but cold) air was coming out of my body.

    At another point I experienced my body heating, and heating, and heating up. I would sit in my balcony almost naked while there was a storm rain and near freezing temp, and I would be sweating.

    One secret I can share with you which I've discovered by myself (never read it anywhere before) which will help activate more shakti into you. Lay flat on you back on the floor with no pillow, your legs or hands should _not_ be crossed so energy can go through. Relax your entire body and let it sink into the earth .... this part you can find online as 'savasana' or "savashana" practice translated as "dead corpse position". However, the different part I present his this...

    as you lay on your back, focus on your left foot's toes and keeping relaxing them... invite and allow the shakti energy of the universe/ocean to pour in from your toes, let it do as it will... the surge of energy may get VERY intense, at some point I felt like my left foot was only energy being flooded into me with no foot left. The energy will come up and reach your genitals, as it does it you will feel sexual orgasmic energy...for me this was better then any sex I could have ever had... let it keep moving don't get stuck there... it will continue up and activate your solar plexus chakra, later your heart, and let it reach up to your brain. At one point before it fully reaches your brain you will know that if you let go of your brain, then you let go of you, it will be the unkown you enter... I was very affraid many times... eventually you will feel ready and you will let go.. it will be a practice of letting go as you allow this to deepen.

    Some other experiences which you will have as you progress through the cold/heat states of your body... either sitting up or in savasana (savashana) are:
    - body gets ice cold, and hard as a log... extra cloths doesn't do anything really to help
    - body gets super hot and sweats and waves of heat rising... helpful to sit outside in cold place
    - your entire skin becomes alive, and begins to move on its own, it will be like your skin is coming alive for the first time and will be very orgasmic like, will also vibrate your genitals and all of your skin... just let it, don't try to hold to this or to prevent it
    - your body feels like it is falling lower into the earth... let it
    - all of a sudden you will feel like you fell one level deeper into your own body... to me it felt like I fall into a hay stack and fall into deeper relaxation... literally like a fall... like I fall back on my soft cushion and poofy bed
    - the falling into soft cushy bed's will keep happening at least 3-4 different stages
    - once the falling is done, you will all of a sudden find that you are in the mind... your body has reached at utmost relaxation... I found much easier to reach this state by laying on the floor then sitting up. at this stage you may experience the unboundness of your mind when it is not attached to the body... don't get scarred... I got scarred first time as I felt like I lost my body and I didn't know if I could come back to it... the moment you get scarred or scream you will be immediately back to your body and then you will feel sorry you did that... and later you may have harder time to get back into this (I did).
    - many other secret things will get revealed after this... I gained knowledge of my astral body, and was able to step out of my physical body conciously at this point... then I could stand back and look at my physical body laying then.
    - then with my astral body I sat down in a lotus like posture, and then stepped out of that one as well.... at this point I was in the third body... I was still in the physical plain, though time was more fluid, I could zoom back and forth in time of the phsyical places around me... like seeing the apartment being constructed, then see the shower running, then see the shower being constructed etc. this is the pranic body I guess
    - at the pranic body I also gained a lot of knowledge of how that affects my physical body
    - at the pranic body I met a helper, who assisted me on reaching higher planes... eventually leading to samadhi... many many other secrets will be revealed at this plains.... but I think the experiences will be different for different people.

    p.s. even now I get very cold body when I meditate... one of the other reasons I found for this is that in my meditation I had learned in my celebacy years to close off my first, second, and third chakras, and to always maintain kundalini at 4th or higher. What I'm having to do to help ground my kundalini is to focus on some lust full thoughts to arouse myself, then as soon as that happens kundalini lowers, then by force I begin to breath into these chakras to keep them open.... I realize this sounds unconventional... but really it's just a method... whatever works :-) I've also experienced the clear white light a lot, if not that then it was purple, indigo, or blue. lately I'm focusing more on the green and also seeing pure red which helps me stay grounded in my body better.

    I hope you experiment... and don't judge or think anything you try is wrong or right... I had a lot of issues with what is right/wrong... it's really like when we were kids, we started to play with ours toes and genitals to become familiar with our body... it is the same with meditation... we play around with all of it and become familiar with it... once you play with it enough, then you will naturally just move on to the next steps

    hope all of this helps... as I read through the rest of the posts I was surprised to nobody else was aware of the cold/hot states of the body in meditation... I thought these were all natural stages of meditation that everyone experiences... they are well documented in raja yoga texts I've read by vivekananda.

    • Re: Cold hands

      Tue, January 2, 2007 - 11:29 PM

      in case you decide to go with savashana... laying in the dead corpse position... I've read that it is best to do this with your head pointing north, and your feet pointing south. Otherwise you can also do head towards east, and feet towards west. It is recommend for more advanced practitioners to point head towards north. I've always done one or the other, or my head towards north-east.

      The same goes if you are sitting, it is helpful to face towards north or east, or north east.

      Of course things like time of meditation help too... for instance at night around 3-4 am there is more prana

      at time of sunset and sunrise where night/day shift, is good time to enter meditation

      there is also the science of 'yoga swara' where it can be calculated based on your geographic location, at one hour:minute the dominate nadi's will shift, and at these moments it is the time to enter the meditation state.

      just some side notes... I'm happy to share

      oh and regards to raja yoga, the absolute best and _only_ reading I recommend is it is fully free online, you can also buy the books... it is not a commercial for any spiritual path or anything... and I'm not in any way associated with vivekananda other than tremendous respect for his massive work.
    • Re: Cold hands

      Wed, January 3, 2007 - 6:44 AM
      OH WOW!!!! Ok, so this is like exactly what happens, the sinking into myself has happened since the first time I meditated, I have been experiencing all these things for a long time, I am so glad you posted, I have not expiramented with what you call the pranic body as you have, I was just looking for the being I.... knew... not sure what word here, she felt familiar to me, I knew she was waiting for me. I could feel her energy/vibration immidiately. I will have to play around with it a little more, have a little fun. Thank you so much!

      Love & Light
      • Re: Cold hands

        Wed, January 3, 2007 - 11:56 AM

        Dear Nina,

        It seems like you've been on the right path since the beginning. If you just sit, and do nothing, just watch, all these things begin to happen... like sitting on a bus and the stations just pass, this is same exact way I passed through these.

        You are on the edges of the super-conscious states. It's amazing that every time I reached a new plane, I thought ahh, I'm there... but really it was just another beginning every time. You will find reaching the super-conscious states has many many worlds/states/stages in it as well.

        At this point, it is best I don't say anything more, since you are in the right direction, and it's most fun to discover on your own.

        Please feel free to message me if you ever have any questions... I did pass through these stages, and can shed a lot of light into any confusion you may have in the future too.

        I've always had blood circulation issues, often when I entered these states, especially in the beginning where I was sitting in meditation for 5 hours at a time, when I came out, I would find both legs and both arms to be completely numb. It was a _really_ painful experience every time to return to my body. Over the years, proper eating, massages, and a lot of clearing has also helped my physical body too. That's why I also recommended laying down to go into meditation... for you at this stage, you my find it won't make any difference if you are sitting up or laying down since you are going past your physical body. You can leave the physical body laying down, and continue about your practices.

        Also, another strong recommendation... try doing your meditation where the sunlight touches your forehead/ajna. At this stage you may be able to start communicating with celestial bodies... i.e. you can communicate with the sun. The sun holds _many_ secrets and is a happy teacher. It will teach you greatly about time, and offers pathways into other worlds. Once you learn how to do this with the sun, you can start to do it on other planets which you can't see with the naked eye.
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          Re: Cold hands

          Wed, January 3, 2007 - 12:38 PM
          I really wouldn't recommend sitting regularly for hours at a time. This can result in nerve damage. Taking a break after 45 minutes, particularly if one switches to walking meditation can be a simple means to avoid problems arising. And as for super conscious states....
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            Wed, January 3, 2007 - 12:53 PM


            It seems you are very well aware of the physical body.

            Though I should mention, once somebody is reaching the source energies and such deep levels of relaxation, the body really looses meaning. In fact, one who reaches states beyond the body, comes to realize that body is constructed of the mind and hence can also be manipulated. As a test, about seven years ago when I did these sorts of mediations, after my meditation, I went out the kitchen where I was cooking a meal, I poured out the sauce in the pan from the oven over the rice, and then I placed my flat hand on the sauce pan, a friend was also present to witness. We heard a sizzling sound of my hand getting cooked, then I lifted my hand and saw it turn back from red to white.

            It is quite natural to also get super human strength, many people after these sorts of meditation, when they grab a mug to drink some tea will just crack the mug in their hands.

            I've personally experienced all of these, and far more which I don't talk about.

            So the whole idea of thinking about the physical body, and posture etc is really meaningless at these stages. Your comments only lead me to believe that you are really clueless of these states. First experience and know then, then comment on them.

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              Wed, January 3, 2007 - 2:07 PM

              Last comment on this. Yes, nerve damage and all these sorts of things of physical damage are possible so long as certain states are not happening.

              Genryu, in the method of meditation which happened to me naturally, is the same I find defined under Raja Yoga. In these sorts of meditation practices (which I wouldn't even call practice, as they are more like 'happenings') all sorts of things happen... like body begins to shine like a very strong bulb light in the middle of the night (while kundalini gets stuck in 3rd chakra), or body disappears where other's also can't see the body (5th chakra state)... all sorts of things. These are all in a way preventing from reaching the goal... but my experience is... we do things a little then move on... just don't get stuck, and also don't disallow them either as tremendous knowledge is gained about how conciousness is manifesting down to the physical matter. Some people I've read get stuck in these... for those people, they had teachers that got them out of it. Though, teachers appear when we need them... and the right teacher appear when we need them based on where we are... they don't even need to be physically present... ultimately conciousness is one, and the Guru is the pure energy itself. Even the Gods, Angels, Deities we experience are nothing but Our/One's manifestations to allow for bridge between the conscious and the super-conscious.

              Some people begin to feel they are levitating, but later they find out it was only their astral body which was levitating... then again there are those others where the physical body begins to levitate... things like that can happen to certain people even by accident. All of these things show the physical body is changing, the physical matter is realizing it's origin as energy...

              I had been in 5 car accidents, and totaled 3 cars as in my youth I was pretty intense... I had terrible back problems and had to sleep only flat on my back. I always had my legs going numb in meditation... I just got accustomed to the pains and at some point surpassed them. Finally at the point where the experience as super-conscious state occurred, after that experience, I was graced with all my back ache issues disappearing and feeling complete body peace.

              It is so hard for me to think physically... and in a way it bothers me when people thing so much about the limitation we have as physical entities... we are so much more.

              I got to run to work... I'm happy to comment as much as possible and write back and forth. I'm really curious how meditation is happening for other people

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                Re: Cold hands

                Wed, January 3, 2007 - 2:16 PM
                Whilst I wouldn't disagree with some of what you write and do know that in deep Samadhi consciousness of the body is lost, in teaching I'm careful not to hold up any particular state as being a goal and to protect students from doing themselves the sort of physical harm that can result in sitting unmoving for too long. A good test of 'states of consciousness' is, if you can't drive, take care of the kids and go shopping, in whatever state of mind you're in (super conscious or not), it's something to be let go of rather than sought.

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